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Privacy Policy



This Policy describes how we process your personal data at HandsOnTV.

It applies to your use of all HandsOnTV streaming services as a user. For example this includes: your use of HandsOnTV on any device the infrastructure required to provide our services, connection of your HandsOnTV account with another application, other HandsOnTV services which include a link to this Privacy Policy. These include any HandsOnTV websites, or Customer Services

From time to time, we may develop new or offer additional services. They'll also be subject to this Policy, unless stated otherwise when we introduce them.


Your personal data rights and controls

Privacy laws give rights to individuals over their personal data.

Some rights only apply when HandsOnTV uses a certain 'legal basis' to process your data. We explain each legal basis, and when HandsOnTV uses each one, 

The table below explains your rights, circumstances when they apply (such as the legal basis required) and how to use them.


Personal data we collect about you

These tables set out the categories of personal data we collect and use.


  It’s your right to... How?
Be informed Be informed of the personal data we process about you and how we process it. We inform you: through this Privacy Policy through information provided to you as you use the HandsOnTV Service by answering your specific questions and requests when you contact us
Access Request access to the personal data we process about you. To request a copy of your personal data from HandsOnTV, either: visit your account Privacy Settings. There, you can view your personal data, or contact us to get all information we hold about you at once, without using the automatic download tool first
When you download your data you will receive the information about your data that HandsOnTV has to provide under Article 15 of the GDPR. If you would like more information about how we process your personal data, you can contact us.
Rectification Request that we amend or update your personal data where it’s inaccurate or incomplete. You can edit your User Data under ‘Edit profile’ in your account or by contacting us.
Erasure Request that we erase certain of your personal data.
For example, you can ask us to erase personal data: that we no longer need for the purpose it was collected for that we process based on the legal basis of consent, and you withdraw your consent when you object and you make a justified objection, or you object to direct marketing
There are situations where HandsOnTV is unable to delete your data, for example when: it’s still necessary to process the data for the purpose we collected it for HandsOnTV’s interest in using the data overrides your interest in having it deleted. For example, where we need the data to protect our services from fraud HandsOnTV has a legal obligation to keep the data, or HandsOnTV needs the data to establish, exercise or defend legal claims. For example, if there’s an unresolved issue relating to your account
Restriction Request that we stop processing all or some of your personal data.
You can do this if your personal data is inaccurate, or we do not need your information for a specific purpose
You can exercise your right to restriction by contacting us via the Help page
Object Object to us processing your personal data.
You can do this if: HandsOnTV is processing your personal data on the legal basis of legitimate interests, or HandsOnTV is processing your personal data for direct marketing
To exercise your right to object, contact us via the Help page
Data Collected when you sign up for the HandsOnTV Service or when you update your account
Category Description
User Data Personal data that we need to create your HandsOnTV account and that enables you to use the HandsOnTV Service.
The type of data collected and used depends on the type of Service Option you have. It also depends on how you create your account, the country you are in, and if you use third party services to sign in. This may include your profile name, email address, phone number, date of birth, gender, street address (see further details below), country
We receive some of this data from you e.g. from the sign up form or account page.
We also collect some of this data from your device e.g. country or region. For more information about how we collect and use this data, see ‘Your general (non-precise) location’ in the Usage Data category.
Street Address Data We may ask for and process your street address for the following reasons: to check eligibility for a Service Option to deliver notices which are required by law to deliver support options for billing and tax administration to deliver physical goods or gifts which you have requested
In some cases, we may use a third party application to help you verify your address, such as Google Maps.
Date Collected through your use of the HandsOnTV Service
Categories Description
Usage Data

Personal data collected and processed about you when you’re accessing or using the HandsOnTV Service.
There are a few types of information this includes, listed in the following sections.
Information about how you use HandsOnTV
Examples include: information about your HandsOnTV Service Option, your actions with the HandsOnTV Service (including date and time), such as: search queries,  your use of third party services, devices and applications in connection with the HandsOnTV Service inferences (i.e., our understanding) of your interests and preferences based on your usage of the HandsOnTV Service, content you provide when participating in HandsOnTV promotions, such as contests or sweepstakes content you post to any part of the HandsOnTV Service. For example: images, audio, text, titles, descriptions, communications, and other types of content
Your technical data
Examples include: URL information, online identifiers such as cookie data and IP addresses, device performance, browser type, language information enabling digital rights management, operating system, HandsOnTV application version.  

Additional data you may choose to give us
Categories Description
Payment and Purchase Data If you make any purchases from HandsOnTV or sign up for a trial, we will need to process your payment data. This includes if you buy a paid Service Option.
The exact personal data collected and used will vary depending on the payment method. It will include information such as: name, date of birth, payment method type (e.g. credit or debit card), postal code, mobile phone number, details of your purchase and payment history
Survey and Research Data When you respond to a survey or take part in user research, we collect and use the personal data you provide.
Third party sources that we collect your data from
Categories of third parties Description
Authentication partners If you register for or log into the HandsOnTV Service using another service, we’ll receive your information from them to help create your account with us.
Third party applications, services and devices you connect to your HandsOnTV account If you connect your HandsOnTV account to a third party application, service or devices, we may collect and use certain information from them to make the integration possible.
These third party apps, services or devices may include: social media devices including: audio (e.g. speakers and headphones), smart watches, televisions, mobile phones and tablets, automotive (e.g. cars) games consoles, services or platforms such as voice assistants We’ll ask your permission before we collect your information from certain third parties.
Technical service partners We work with technical service partners that give us certain data. This includes mapping IP addresses to non-precise location data (e.g., country or region, city, state).
This makes it possible for HandsOnTV to provide the HandsOnTV Service, content, and features.
Payment partners and Merchants If you choose to pay through third parties (e.g. telco carriers) or by invoice, we may get data from our payment partners.
This allows us to: send you invoices process your payment give you what you’ve purchased
If we direct you to a merchant, we receive data from the merchant that is related to your purchase. For example, we might direct you to an artist’s merchandise store on a third party platform or to a third party ticketing website.
Receiving this data allows us to: calculate any commissions owed to us analyze the effectiveness of our partnership with these merchant partners understand your interests


Our purpose for using your personal data

The table below sets out our purpose for processing your personal data, our legal justifications (each called a 'legal basis') under data protection law, for each purpose and categories of personal data which we use for each purpose. 

Here is a general explanation of each 'legal basis' to help you understand the table:

Performance of a Contract: When it's necessary for HandsOnTV (or a third party) to process your personal data to: comply with obligations under a contract with you. This includes HandsOnTV's obligations under the Terms of Use to provide the HandsOnTV Service to you, or verify information before a new contract with you begins.

Legitimate Interest: When HandsOnTV  has an interest in using your personal data in a certain way, which is necessary and justified considering any possible risks to you and other HandsOnTV users. For example, using your Usage Data to improve the HandsOnTV Service for all users. contact us if you want to understand a specific justification.

Consent: When HandsOnTV asks you to actively indicate your agreement to HandsOnTV's use of your personal data for a certain purpose.

Compliance with Legal Obligations: When HandsOnTV must process your personal data to comply with a law.


Purpose for processing your data Legal basis that permits the purpose Categories of personal data used for the purpose
To provide the HandsOnTV Service Performance of a Contract Legitimate Interest Consent

User Data, Street Address Data, Usage Data, Payment and Purchase Data

To understand, diagnose, troubleshoot, and fix issues with the HandsOnTV Service. Performance of a Contract User Data, Usage Data
To evaluate and develop new features, technologies, and improvements to the HandsOnTV Service. Legitimate Interest User Data, Usage Data
For marketing or advertising where the law requires us to collect your consent.
For example, when we use cookies to understand your interests or the law requires consent for email marketing.
Consent User Data, Usage Data, Survey and Research Data
For other marketing, promotion and advertising purposes where the law does not require consent.
For example, when we use your personal data to tailor advertising to your interests.
Legitimate Interest User Data, Usage Data, Survey and Research Data
To comply with a legal obligation that we are subject to.
This might be: an obligation under the law of the country / region you are in  
Compliance with legal obligations User Data, Street Address Data, Usage Data, Payment and Purchase Data, Survey and Research Data
To comply with a request from law enforcement.
This will only apply when a competent law enforcement authority contacts us. These include the police, the courts or prisons.
Compliance with legal obligations Legitimate interest User Data, Street Address Data, Usage Data, Payment and Purchase Data, Survey and Research Data
To fulfill contractual obligations with third parties. For example, our agreements with owners of content on the HandsOnTV Service.
Legitimate interest User Data, Usage Data, Payment and Purchase Data
To take appropriate action with reports of intellectual property infringement and inappropriate content. Legitimate interest User Data, Usage Data, Payment and Purchase Data
To establish, exercise, or defend legal claims. Legitimate interest User Data, Street Address Data, Usage Data, Payment and Purchase Data, Survey and Research Data
To conduct business planning, reporting, and forecasting. Legitimate Interest User Data, Usage Data, Payment and Purchase Data
To process your payment. Performance of a Contract
User Data, Payment and Purchase Data
To detect and prevent fraud. For example, fraudulent payments and fraudulent use of the HandsOnTV Service. Legitimate Interest User Data, Street Address Data, Usage Data, Payment and Purchase Data
To conduct research and surveys. Legitimate Interest
User Data, Usage Data, Survey and Research Data


Sharing your personal data

We will not share any personal data collected or generated through your use of the HandsOnTV Service.


Data retention

We keep your personal data only as long as necessary to provide you with the HandsOnTV Service and for HandsOnTV's legitimate and essential business purposes, such as:

maintaining the performance of the HandsOnTV Service, making data-driven business decisions about new features and offerings ,complying with our legal obligations, resolving disputes

Criteria used to determine the retention periods include:

How can we minimize the data retention period? Our systems are designed to age out personal data in 90 days, unless another period is selected for legitimate business reasons.

Are users able to update or delete the data themselves? Where users are able to see and update the personal data themselves, we keep the information for as long as the user chooses. For example, we keep your HandsOnTV email address and other profile information until you choose to change or delete it yourself.

Do we need to keep the data to uphold our rules and keep our service safe? To help ensure user safety, protect against harmful content on our platform, and take action with reports of intellectual property infringement, we may keep data that has been removed from the HandsOnTV Service for a limited period of time. This helps us investigate potential breaches of our User Guidelines and Platform Rules.

Is HandsOnTV subject to a legal or contractual obligation to keep or delete the data? Examples include mandatory data retention laws, government orders to preserve data relevant to an investigation or data kept for the purposes of litigation. Conversely, we will remove unlawful content if the law requires us to do so.


Keeping your personal data safe

We're committed to protecting our users' personal data. We put in place appropriate technical and organizational measures to help protect the security of your personal data. However, be aware that no system is ever completely secure.

We have implemented various safeguards to guard against unauthorised access and unnecessary retention of personal data in our systems. These include pseudonymisation, encryption, access, and retention policies.

To protect your user account, we encourage you to:

use a strong password which you only use for your HandsOnTV account never share your password with anyone limit access to your computer and browser log out once you have finished using the HandsOnTV Service on a shared device

If other individuals have access to your HandsOnTV account (for example if you've given them permission to use your account on a shared device), then they can access personal data, controls and the HandsOnTV Service available in your account.

It's your responsibility to only provide individuals with permission to use your account where you're comfortable sharing this personal data with them. Anyone else's use of your HandsOnTV account may impact your personalised recommendations and be included in your data download.



The HandsOnTV Service has a minimum 'Age Limit' in each country or region. The HandsOnTV Service is not directed to children whose age:

is under the age of 13 years, or makes it illegal to process their personal data, or requires parental consent to process their personal data

We do not knowingly collect or use personal data from children under the applicable Age Limit. If you're under the Age Limit, please do not use the HandsOnTV Service, and do not provide any personal data to us.

If you're a parent of a child under the Age Limit and become aware that your child has provided personal data to HandsOnTV, please contact us.

If we learn that we've collected the personal data of a child under the applicable Age Limit, we'll take reasonable steps to delete the personal data. This may require us to delete the HandsOnTV account for that child.

When using a shared device on the main HandsOnTV Service, you should be cautious about playing or recommending any content to individuals under 18 years old which could be inappropriate for them.


Changes to this Policy

We may occasionally make changes to this Policy.

When we make material changes to this Policy, we'll provide you with prominent notice as appropriate under the circumstances. For example, we may display a prominent notice within the HandsOnTV Service or send you an email or device notification.


How to contact us

For any questions or concerns about this Policy, contact us via our Help page


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