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Blair Dunlop UK Tour Video

Hey.  We’ve had a great idea.  We have decided to collect video content along the tour and turn it into something at the end…perhaps a tour video, some live videos…who knows?
But what we would like is your help.  We have created a treasure chest here and we would love you to put any videos from the tour in it and give us your permission to use them.  We might only use bits of them…not sure yet.
The main thing is that you film any content in landscape view (thats with your phone on the side!) and then you can upload it below.
After the tour we will create some special content from your filming efforts and make sure all who sent us stuff get to see the outcome.

So .....enter the password and please complete the form which appears, with a title, a suitable landscape image (if you want), and your video.  You can also add your name if you wish (so we can credit you) . The upload process will show as a green bar, so you can see what's going on.

PLEASE WAIT until the page lets you know it has been successfully uploaded before you move away from the page.

So the videos are properly saved, you can only upload one at a time, so if you have a few, wait for each one to complete, add details to the form again, and upload another video.